Personal Account Terms and Conditions
Zing Wallet

I request that Zing Wallet open an account in my name, as described in the application form, for the exclusive use of funds belonging to myself.

By accepting these Terms and Conditions I also accept all other Terms and Conditions as specified in the application form or in other documentation which I may be required to sign or acknowledge.

I hereby authorize Zing Wallet, until such time as I specify otherwise in writing, to receive funds on my behalf and to execute any transaction orders when instructed by me via this secure internet system, or any other means that Zing Wallet may choose exceptionally to accept, and to credit and debit all such transactions to my account.

I understand that if, at any time, Zing Wallet cannot contact me, by any of the means that I have set out in the application form, Zing Wallet reserves the right to suspend account activities until such time as Zing Wallet can verify that the transaction instructions are legitimate and to verify that the contact details given are valid.

I further authorize Zing Wallet to deduct any standard or exceptional charges from my account in accordance with fees published in written documentation, on the Zing Wallet web site, or in any other electronic communication, or as may be agreed from time to time.

I release Zing Wallet from any responsibility and liability toward myself or third parties arising by virtue of Zing Wallet’s adherence to my instructions. I agree to hold Zing Wallet harmless and to indemnify Zing Wallet for all costs and damages which Zing Wallet may incur by reason of the above.

I understand and agree that, in the event of my death, Zing Wallet will inform the appropriate authorities in regard to any funds then standing to the credit of my account.

I have read and understand the Terms and Conditions.